Propane Furnace Information

When looking for a home heating system, a propane furnace should be taken into consideration. It is very convenient in many different ways and has many advantages that other heating systems do not have. A propane furnace generates hotter air than standard electric models, is more efficient to use than fuel oil furnaces, is cleaner than other furnaces making it easy to maintain, and provides all the advantages of a gas heating system without having to worry about it being next to a gas pipeline. Another great advantage of a propane furnace is its' small size, making it easy to fit in tight spaces that might have height limitations or narrow side clearances, such as utility rooms, and closets. They also have a life expectancy of about 15 to 20 years, which is twice as much as the average life expectancy of an electric heat pump.

The three types of propane furnaces are, central heating, wall units, and combination heater. The central heating system can be used to provide heat for a certain part of the house, or the entire house. This system usually comes with a type of remote control that can be used anywhere in the house to control the amount of heat and power wanted. It is usually placed in a furnace room and does not have to be located in the center of the house for it to function. Heat produced by the central heating system circulates through the home by forcing air through the ducts. Wall units are usually used for small places such as, a mobile home, a garage, or a single room. This unit is convenient because it can be mounted somewhere on the wall and it does not take up any floor space. The combination heater is the newest type of propane furnace out in the market. This furnace is about the size of a water heater and provides both warm air for the home, as well as warm water.

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The United States has a law that requires every type of gas furnace to have a efficiency rate of at least 78%, but the propane furnace exceeds that expectancy with an efficiency rate of 90% and higher. Because these furnaces burn cleaner than fuel oil furnaces, fumes are not produced, eliminating any kind of health risk caused by fumes. They are made with vents that automatically shut when the desired heat temperature is reached, reducing heat escape and saving energy. If power outages occur, these furnaces are not affected, continuing to heat your home. The warm air supplied by the propane furnaces are at a constant 120 F, which is 25 degrees higher than electric heat pumps. The operating cost of these furnaces are very convenient for everyone. They are between 30% to 60% cheaper to operate than other furnaces and heat pumps. Things that influence pricing of furnaces include, high or low capacity, fuel type, amount of fuel needed, type of installation needed, and the shape and size of the furnace.

This articles is for general information only. Before purchasing a furnace consult a professional who will analyze your specific requirements, and ensure you're buying the best and safest furnace for your needs.

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